What makes some chocolate healthy and other chocolates candy?

Discover the little-known secrets about dark chocolate and uncover the myths and lies that many people still believe.

The Chocolate Doctor tells you exactly the things you want to know !

[kc_background_pac_2_highlight_2 size="30" color="#000000" align="center"]The Truth Behind The Lies About Chocolate[/kc_background_pac_2_highlight_2]

An easy-to-read look at some of the latest studies on chocolate, and a frank look at some of the myths, lies, stories around dark chocolate.

You’ve been hearing about the health benefits of dark chocolate antioxidants in the news. Now learn the facts.

Which of the following are true? You’ll be Surprised!

  • Chocolate Makes You Fat
  • Chocolate has No Fiber
  • Chocolate Causes Cavities
  • Chocolate is Largely an Empty-Calorie Food and has Little to Offer in the Way of Nutrition
  • Chocolate is Addictive and Causes Allergies

…And which ones are completely false?

Chocolate Truth eBook

Now, as you get your free copy of this dark chocolate truth book, you’ll know the answers. AND…

You'll also get a bonus mini history of the medical uses of chocolate.
You'll find out what things scientists have found in dark chocolate.
You'll see what diseases scientists are now linking to chocolate.
You'll also discover why scientists believe that the food that Casanova ate for its aphrodisiac properties works.
You'll find why dark chocolate antioxidant may be the most important phrase ever.
You'll discover why some people crave chocolate.
You'll see the dark chocolate health benefits through numerous chocolate studies.

This book is especially for you if….

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